Garrison Origins - Stafford County, Virginia
Garrison Origins - Stafford County, Virginia
M J Garrison
This website was created to identify descendants of John 1712 Garrison and Aaron 1715 Garrison who lived in Stafford County, Virginia. The Overwharton Parish Register, dated 1720-1760, is the first source document showing John and Aaron living in what is now Stafford County, Virginia. The first entries for John and Aaron Garrison are dated 1740. This means they probably settled in Stafford County in the late 1730’s.

John 1712 Garrison, his wife, Nancy Ann, and their children lived in Aquia which is named for Aquia Creek that leads to the Potomac River. Their son, John, born in 1740, married Elizabeth Ennis. They had seven children: two daughters and five sons who raised their families in Stafford County.

Aaron 1715 Garrison and his wife, Elizabeth Bridwell, their children, and grandchildren lived in Falmouth District which is situated on the north bank of the Rappahannock River. It is adjacent to Aquia on its southwest side and northeast of Fredericksburg. Aaron’s descendants appear to have left Stafford County by 1820, some initially moving to other Virginia counties. Most of the Garrisons in this database descend from George G 1765 Garrison, Aaron’s grandson. George and his family moved to Mason County, Kentucky around 1815, after the War of 1812. George is found in the 1820 Mason County, Kentucky Census.

John and Aaron must of had a brother whose spouse was Mary Garrison (maiden name unknown). Mary is shown in the Overwharton Parish Register as the mother of William Garrison who was born 11 December 1744. William’s father must have died before he was born as he is not identified in William’s birth record and his mother married a John Kelly in 1745.

William moved from Stafford County and settled in Albemarle County, Virginia around 1770. He and his wife, Duanna, raised two daughters and eight sons. A male descendant of William has been tested and assigned to Y-DNA Haplogroup I2-BY172565, our Garrison Y-DNA “signature”. His GG Grandfather was Valentine 1788 Garrison, son of William and Duanna.

FamilyTreeDNA and YFULL

Identifying John 1712 Garrison’s and Aaron 1715 Garrison’s male descendants is easily accomplished with a “deep” Y-DNA test. Any living male descendant (Garrison surname) of John and Aaron (also William) who takes FamilyTreeDNA’s Big Y test and is subsequently assigned to haplogroup I2-BY172565 is a descendant.


Haplogroup I2-BY172565 is now considered our Garrison clan’s Y-DNA “signature”; John, Aaron and William’s Y-DNA has been passed down through all their male Garrison descendents. The DNA mutation that is common to these family lines occurred about 1650 years ago.

Note: The author’s paternal Y-DNA and maternal mtDNA test results show that our ancient ancestors lived in the region covering parts of Denmark and northern Germany about 300 CE.

Note: A (NP) shown after a Garrison surname in this database means that family line has not been Y-DNA tested and proven to be related to our Garrison clan.

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***I-BY172565 YDNA next to “Top Garrison” details our ancient YDNA Haplogroup Tree (migration path)

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